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Our Desktops on Finance Range

For a fast and reliable family computer a desktop PC is an excellent choice, choice made much easier with pay weekly desktop deals! These computers have the highest specifications in terms of processing power and graphics, and a large computer monitor gives you amazing visuals for gaming and watching movies.

A desktop PC also provides the largest amount of storage for files, including thousands of photos, songs, and videos. Today it’s so easy to pair your desktop with a wireless mouse, keyboard or sound system for greater freedom and flexibility at home.

You can see an exciting selection of our products and pick up a free catalogue at your local BrightHouse store. We have friendly computer experts in house who will be able to answer any question on the desktop on finance options, or technical queries.

Desktop finance options (Representative APR 69.9% Fixed)

At BrightHouse we understand that paying upfront isn't always possible. That's why we offer a range pay weekly Desktops and pay monthly options, enabling you to get the desktop you want and spread the cost into more manageable payments:

Pay weekly

This is our most popular option, with smaller payments that can be paid in store or automatically from your bank, ideal if you usually receive your income weekly.

Pay Fortnightly

This option allows you to pay towards your desktop set every two weeks. While you don’t have to have installments going out quite so often, they will be slightly larger amounts.

Pay Monthly

Our pay monthly desktop deals mean you have larger installments but spaced further apart. This can be a good option if you're paid once a month.

Making Payment

Our desktop finance options also offer different ways to pay, so you can either pay in person in store through card or cash, pay by phone or by SmartPay or use our EasyPay system so everything happens automatically.

It's so easy to get a new desktop PC on finance with us. All you must do is: 

- Apply online: just fill out our form.

- Pop down to your local BrightHouse store for a chat with us. If you don't know where your nearest store is, check out our store finder.

- Order your chosen item, and it will be delivered to you within 7 days

Find out more on our On Finance page.

Buying advice

With so many desktops on offer, the choice can sometimes become overwhelming. Why not check out one of our informative guides and find out which model is the one for you? Our Desktop Buying Guide will bring you up to speed on new technologies and top brand deals, so the choice you make will be the right one.