1. How long do I have to pay my cheque in?
In the UK, it is common practice for banks and building societies to reject a cheque that is more than six months old. Therefore, we encourage you to pay in your cheque as soon as possible to avoid encountering this issue with your bank.
2. What if I have changed address since my agreement with you?

We believe we have located customers who have moved. If your account is one identified as meeting the agreed criteria you should still receive a letter.  You will be required to provide further proof of identity before we can arrange payment. 

If you do not receive a letter by the end of the year and you believe you might meet the criteria of the programme, that will be the time to contact us and we will be able to investigate this then.

3. What about my credit file?
For refunds relating to inadequate affordability checks, if you missed a number of scheduled payments we may have informed the credit reference agencies and this may have had a negative effect on your credit rating. To put things right, we have removed the entry on your credit file that relates to the agreement we are writing to you about. This means anyone performing a credit check on you from now on will not see any history of you having taken out this agreement with BrightHouse, and your missed payments relating to this agreement are no longer taken into account by the credit reference agencies when determining your credit rating.
4. I have a query, who should I speak to?
For any queries relating to this programme, you can contact our Customer Relations team on 0800 526 069 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm, Wednesday 9:00am – 4:00pm and Saturday 9:00am – 3:00pm