Frequently Asked Questions about your Annual Statement

1. Why have you sent me this?
We are legally obliged to send an annual statement of account for each credit agreement you have with us. The statement is not a demand for payment but information about your agreement transactions which includes payments made.
2. Do I need to do anything?
No, this is just for your information. It’s just a summary of the payments you have made on your credit agreement.
3. How can I identify which statement relates to which agreement?
Each agreement number will be on the front of each statement and it includes a description of the main product on that credit agreement.
4. The amount of payments on my statement is not the amount I pay?

The amount you pay may differ because:

  • If you have more than one agreement, you will receive a separate statement for each credit agreement
  • Other payments –the annual statement is in a legally required format which does not include payments which are not part of the credit agreement

Therefore payments for other products such as optional insurances are not included on the statement.

For your information your total regular payment amount is shown on the final page of the statement under Additional Information.

Any late fees will be shown separately on your statement

5. I have a contract for Extended Service Cover but I have not received a statement?
Extended Service Cover is not a credit agreement therefore there is no requirement to send a statement. If you would like information about your Extended Service Cover payments, please contact your store.
6. What can I do if my question is not listed here?
If you have any other questions, please ring our Customer Relations team on 0808 1695 002. They will be happy to help.