TV Buyer's Guide

Discover the next generation of TVs

Today's TV technology means better pictures, bigger screens and connectivity to rich content delivered in stunning detail. Check out our guide to everything you need to know about your next TV.

Size matters

Get the right size screen to match your room
Comparison of different screen sizes Comparison of different screen sizes

3 easy steps to choosing your screen size:


Measure where you want to put your TV ‐and how far you want to view from.


Choose a screen size to match the viewing distance in your room.


If you watch a lot of movies, choose the next screen size up to get the full cinema experience.

See the difference

TV pictures the way they should be seen. Clearer. Brighter. Sharper.
Comparison between HD and Ultra HD televisions

4K Ultra High definition screen pictures have four times as many pixels than even Full HD. That means four times the detail and four times the sharpness. Truly stunning.

Perfect for everyday viewing. Full HD ‐ double the number of pixels of a standard HD image ‐ means a crisp, clear picture. Especially on a smaller screen.

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Screen technology

  • Photo of HDR television

    HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. Ultimate contrast, greater brightness and a huge range of colours that older TVs can't display. In fact, HDR sets can reproduce 90% of the millions of colours you see at the cinema.

  • Photo of OLED television

    OLED stands for organis light-emitting diode. Made from organise compounds, each pixel-sized dot lights up when fed electricity so colours are vibrant and blacks appear completely black.

  • Photo of QLED television

    Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes produce even brighter, more vibrant and more diverse content to really make HDR content shine.

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Smarter than smart

Example of Smart TV applications Example of Smart TV applications
Today's smart TVs bring you much more than just TV. Compared to previous connected TVs, they've got more apps, games and catch-up built in.

Make a smart selection

What's the difference between Smart TVs?

Smart TV is the general name for a TV connected to the internet. Watch online content using built-in apps. Stream your favourite TV shows, mobies and more from free providers like BBC iPlayer and All4 and subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Freeview Play lets you get live TV and on demand, all in one place ‐ with no boxes and no monthly fee. Scroll through the TV guide to catch up on shows from the past week from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 and UKTV Play.

Delivery and installation

Delivered in 7 days or less

We try to deliver everything in 7 days or less. We deliver big things like TVs to your home. Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm ‐ usually within 7 days. It might take a bit longer if it's not available in-store or in our warehouse.

Installed at home

Our delivery team will unpack and install your TV in the room you want it, making sure everything works as it should. We'll even take away the packaging. No hassle, no mess!


Protect your new product with our optional service package, you can ask for a brand new replacement or like for like replacement for refreshed purchaes. You won't pay a penny more for repairs.

Enhance your experience

Put your next generation TV at the heart of a full home entertainment system.