1. Am I due a repayment?

All customers due repayments have been identified using a robust process which was developed following engagement with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and independently reviewed. A letter will be sent to all these customers by 31st December 2017.

2. What if I have changed address since my agreement with you?

We believe we have located customers who have moved. If your account is one identified as meeting the agreed criteria you should still receive a letter.  You will be required to provide further proof of identity before we can arrange payment. 

If you do not receive a letter by the end of the year and you believe you might meet the criteria of the programme, that will be the time to contact us and we will be able to investigate this then.

3. Why do I need to wait until the end of the year to find out whether I am part of the programme or not?
Due to the large number of customer accounts we have reviewed, and in order to ensure we can manage the process and put things right in a fast and efficient manner, we have staggered the notifications. If you are eligible, you will receive a letter between now and the end of the year.
4. A relative had agreements with you but has since passed away. What happens if their account is one identified as meeting the criteria?
If your relative’s passing away has already been shared with our credit reference agencies, we will have updated our records with this information prior to sending out any letters. Any repayment due will be addressed to the executor of the estate. You may however wish to contact our Customer Relations team on 0800 526 069 to confirm this.
5. How much will I get if I am due a refund?
If you are to get your first payment refunded the amount will be what you paid, including any associated insurance or service package, plus 8% interest.

If it has been determined that you were given credit that you might not have been able to afford, you will be refunded the total amount of any interest and late charges you paid plus 8% interest.

If you defaulted on your agreement and did not return the product, you will not receive any money, unless the interest and late fees are more than the original cash price of the product. Ownership of the product will be transferred to you.
6. I had to return products as I was unable to keep up my repayments?
Not necessarily. If our systems show the appropriate level of affordability assessments were conducted at the time of creating the agreement, you will not qualify for the programme.
7. How do you determine what is an 'appropriate level of affordability checks'?
We have undertaken an extensive programme of work to improve our affordability assessments in order to meet the standards expected by the FCA.
8. How do I know you will actually attempt to contact all affected customers?

We are committed to putting right these past errors and will endeavour to establish contact with all affected customers.

In the event that we are unable to contact a customer to make the repayment, any money that was due will be donated to charity.

9. If I am in the programme, do I still need to continue to make my repayments?
Yes, you will need to continue making these payments if you still have an active credit agreement. 

It is not possible to apply monies due against active agreements.
10. What are you doing to ensure this doesn’t happen again?
We have been working extensively with the FCA since they became our regulator for over two years to ensure our processes meet the standards required. In September 2016, the FCA confirmed our new affordability checks met the required standards.