TV Deals from BrightHouse

Our selection of clearance TVs features some of the latest top brand technology at fantastic discount prices. Enjoy a high quality cinematic experience at home for less with 4k TV deals, cheap HD TVs, and even offers on UHD and LED screens. All the products on offer in the BrightHouse refurbished TV range have been fully tested by our dedicated service team. Each one will pass through the hands of skilled engineers and through quality control checks to ensure that each clearance TV is sold at the highest possible standard.

Discount TV Payment Options

On top of our great reduced prices, we offer a range of on finance options which make purchasing the refurbished TV you want even easier. With all products in our clearance TV Range you will be able to choose from pay weekly or pay monthly options. The number of payment weeks is less than for a new product, making BrightHouse TV deals some of the best around. What’s more, BrightCare protection packages are still available to all our discount customers. Get unlimited repairs if your purchase plays up, or receive a like-for-like replacement if we can’t repair the TV ourselves. As with all our TVs on finance offers, refurbished TVs are also available on our hire purchase agreements

The Best TV Deal For You

With so many refurbished televisions on offer, the choice can sometimes become overwhelming. Why not check out our informative TV Buying Guide and find out which of our discount screens is the one for you? We’ll bring you up to speed on new technologies and top brand deals, so the choice you make will be the right one. To find out more about any of our products, including our latest smart TV deals, you can always contact our in store teams for friendly, impartial advice. Find your nearest Store and all contact information using our BrightHouse Store Finder.